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Launching in August 2018 and replacing the licensed North brand name, DUOTONE holds the values that they have always stood for – high-end technologies, unrivalled quality, unbridled passion, continuous improvement and a track record of competitive success – remain the guiding philosophies on their new journey.

After the transition from North to Duotone, all of their development, sales and production teams, as well as all team riders, remained on board in order to guarantee high-performance products that can do more and can last longer. So join us as a new chapter begins; DUOTONE have some major plans and are ready to step up and nail their new colours to the mast! Welcome to DUOTONE!

Foil Wings

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Who are Drift Boardsports?

Drift Boardsports was started by Ben in 2019 from his love of being on the water and wanting to share this enjoyment to inspire others.

Feeling the wind, using the wind, being on the water and riding the waves drives us to inspire passion.

The time to get on the water is NOW!

Why choose us?

With over a decade of experience on the water, and a passion for Watersports to match. We’re in the perfect position to help you find your place on the water.

Based in the seaside town of Cleethorpes, we live and breathe the salty air. Our passion for water sports has grown over generations of seaside living.

Enjoy the open waters.

We live by the sea, we know how awesome it is to be on the open waters. From this, we want to share our experiences and excitement with other people.

We want to inspire a passion, help build confidence, allow people to embrace a healthy lifestyle all while appreciating nature for her natural beauty.


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