Baltic SUP Pro Buoyancy Aid



The Baltic SUP PRO Buoyancy Aid is developed specifically for Stand Up Paddleboarding. The SUP Pro is designed to give the user maximum mobility, both on the board and in the water. The buoyancy aid has a long body, which is well suited for SUP use. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers it is designed to give the user maximum mobility, both on the board and in the water. The buoyancy material has a unique design and division on the front of the buoyancy aid. It is thin, compact and flexible which makes it easier for the wearer to get up on the board from the water and makes the buoyancy aid follow the paddle movement. Easy on and off through a side zip, and to don over the head. Adjustable waistband and zippered pocket on the front. Reflectors on the shoulder areas. 50N buoyancy and is classified as a buoyancy aid.

A lifejacket that has a carrying capacity of 50 Newtons, is classified as a buoyancy aid and sometimes referred to as a sailing vest. They have a slightly simpler design than lifejackets. A 50N lifejacket keeps you afloat by a good margin but lacks a collar to support your head. It has the buoyancy force more evenly distributed between the front and back and therefore does not guarantee to turn an unconscious person to a supine position. 50N lifejacket is therefore recommended for swimmers who weigh at least 25kg.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Developed for SUP
  • High comfort
  • Designed in Sweden
  • Made in Europe
  • 12cm deep front pocket
  • CE-approved

Baltic SUP Pro Maintenance Advice

– Store in a dry and ventilated room. The buoyancy aid can withstand temperatures between -30 – +60⁰C but should not be stored in direct sunlight.

– To remove stains, wash with warm soapy water or a mild detergent. Rub very gently. Do not use chlorine or any other strong chemicals.

– Do not wash in a washing machine or dry-clean

– After use, rinse in fresh water

– Do not use a cushion

– Hang-dry in a well-ventilated place away from open flames and hot radiators.

Additional information


White/Navy, Rosa/Marin, Orange/Navy


Small 30 – 50Kg, Medium 50 – 70Kg, Large 70 – 90Kg, XL 90+Kg

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