C-Monsta Wetsuit, Boot and Glove Hanger


All your wetsuit kit, in one place, neat, tidy, dry and ready to go.

What’s the worst part about your favourite outdoor watersport? Leaving the house and getting home? That’s where c-monsta can help. Once you have used the c-monsta wetsuit hanger you will wonder what you did before.

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C-Monsta Wetsuit, Boot and Glove hanger.

Designed by surfers: Wetsuit, boots and gloves, dry and in one place.


• Keep wetsuit, boots and gloves together

• Allows your wet kit to dry effectively

• No faff, grab your hanger and go

• Never lose a boot or a glove

• Easy to hang in a van or areas with limited space



• Extends the lifespan of your wetsuit

• Robust and designed to last

•Made from recycled materials

• Recycled packaging


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