Dick Pearce Bellyboard – Puffin Red/Linseed Oil


The Surfrider is the everyday Bellyboard, suitable for all riders!

All Dick Pearce bellyboards follow templates and designs that have been passed down through the generations. Each bellyboard is unique – individually handcrafted to provide for a lifetime of wave riding.

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Dick Pearce Bellyboard, made with the highest quality sustainably sourced FSC accredited 9mm birch plywood. The birch is grown and processed in Europe. Dick Pearce use the best quality plywood available to ensure maximum life and fun out of each board.

Birch Plywood is a very sustainable product. Birch trees absorb and uptake more CO2 from the atmosphere in their growth than is emitted during the plywood production process.

The boards graphics are hand screen printed with the original vintage DP&F silk screens and hardwearing inks. The heat stamp is branded at the base of each board.

Please note that due to the natural variation in wood, all our boards are different and have individual characteristics. Open knots in the wood have been repaired with wooden plugs and nose curves will vary.

Why we love wood!

Each and every Dick Pearce Bellyboard is unique! Bellyboards are made from wood and will have natural characteristics so they are not ‘perfectly’ formed.

We love the unique nature of wood! Each board has its own textures, grain and marks.

All our boards are different and have individual characteristics. Open knots in the wood have been repaired with wooden plugs, and nose curves will vary. Wood grain will be visible.


Standard measurements of the ‘Surfrider Model’ are 120cm in length, 30cm nose width, 29cm tail width, 0.9cm thick.

Each Dick Pearce Bellyboard is unique and has an individual nose bend. The boards are bent on the original racks which have been used for over 50 years.

These templates and designs have been passed down through the generations.

Finish & Care

Post Surf – The boards should be stored in a dry environment when not in the water. Store upright (not flat) and out of direct sunlight.

If looked after well…. they should last for generations. Will need repainting/oiling/staining every few years after heavy use. Wood is good, but it needs to be loved!

Info on our different finishes 

Fully Painted – Dick Pearce use the highest quality exterior grade paint to ensure excellent protection for years. The paint is water based and environmentally friendly. These boards are very hardy and can handle lots of water and beach time!

Oiled – The Naked Wood on a Dick Pearce Bellyboard is treated with natural layers of linseed oil. This protects the wood and brings out the beautiful woodgrain. Can be re-applied regularly as the wood starts to dry out; this helps keep the board waterproof and gives it a long life!

See how a Dick Pearce Bellyboard is made here.

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