Duotone Foil Wing Echo


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Duotone Foil Wing Echo

Entry level riders or Pros, the Echo has a lot to offer and is not limiting on any level or any style.

Designed for powered and fast riding, the Echo is a high performance foil wing! High performance, yet very versatile in disciplines, the Echo feels at home in waves, light wind and Freestyle. Two sizes of booms ensure the perfect setup and the most rigid connection to the foil wing possible, therfore the handling is simply amazing. The Draft Control Rope is an unique Duotone feature which makes the handling easy and ensures 100% performance, the experienced foil winger can even pull it to depower the wing. The whole setup is easy and fast to rig and packs down small, which makes it the perfect travel companion.

Comes without boom and leash. Related products are the Foil Boom Silver Series and the Wrist Leash.


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2.6, 3.3, 4, 5, 6, 7


CC1: Grey/Blue, CC2: Blue/Yellow, CC3: Yellow/Grey


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