Gladiator Elite T 14′ x 30″ Paddleboard 2023

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Outline Shape: 14′ x 30″ x 5.9” with a round tail giving this board great glide, speed and stability.

Dropstitch: The Gladiator Elite is made from a market-leading machine weave double laminated dropstitch.

3 Years Warranty: Gladiator is an innovative brand, building high-quality paddleboards, but without a high price-tag.

Package Includes: Board, Bag, Paddle, Pump, Fin, SUP Leash, Repair Kit.

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Gladiator Elite T 14'


The Gladiator Elite T 14′ is for those who want to up their game and paddle longer distances with a longer touring board. The 14′ touring board provides even more glide and speed whilst still being easy to paddle. The 14′ Elite is for all riders wanting even more glide and speed than a 14′ touring board offers. These boards come with front and back cargo straps and front, middle and back handles for ease of carrying the board on longer adventures. Whether paddling with your dog or child sat on the front, or a fully loaded board ready for an overnight adventure the 14′ can handle any extra volume.

Outline Shape: The Outline shape is 14′ x 30″ x 5.9” with a round tail giving this board great glide, speed and stability. The rail shape gives a vertical paddle stroke which improves tracking and reduces the number of times the paddle is switched from side to side when paddling.

Dropstitch: The Gladiator Elite T 14′ is made from a market-leading machine weave double laminated dropstitch, 20% lighter and stiffer than fusion layer boards. The weave has less give than the traditional knitted method, which gives superior flex and rigidity, with no compromise on durability. Find Out More About Gladiator Technology

The Triple Rail Edge: Gladiator’s triple rail edge technology is manufactured with monocoque construction, using the tensile strength offered from joining the top and bottom of the board together and then adding 2 extra layers of material to the rail edge. This technology allow for a stiff board with limited flex and a high PSI capability and it also gives a ‘refined nose’ shape.

The Refined Nose Shape: Gaining the ‘refined nose’ is one of the aspects of manufacturing that sets a board apart within the premium category. The refined nose is produced by the triple rail edge manufacturing process, produced in the above way and offers the rider a premium performance especially noticeable when tackling chop and waves.

The Deckpad: The Gladiator double cushioned crocodile deck pad offers huge amounts of foot comfort on long day paddles as well as lots of grip. The deckpad also looks beautiful on and off the water.

The Bungee Cargo System: The asymmetric cargo straps not only look funky but offer more versatile storage solutions. With 3 straps at the front of all all-round and performance all-round boards and another 2 straps at the back of all touring boards. Loading your board up for with kit has never been easier.

The Handle Design: Gladiator central handle is a super comfy thick paddled handle allowing carrying your board to the waterside to be super comfortable, the front and back handle are flat webbed designed allowing for a super durable and minimalistic look.

The Fin and Fin Box Design: Gladiator Elite resin and honeycomb 9″ touring fin offer premium durability and lightness. The hexagonal foam core mat in these fins reduces the resin content, making the fin lighter while keeping the fin stiff where it counts. This gives these fins a medium flex pattern making them great for performance paddling.

The Paddle: The Gladiator Elite paddles are full 3 piece carbon shaft with a touring shape carbon blade with water release to stop quiver with a comfortable palm handle design. Designed to allow you to paddle with a light durable paddle that fits all heights of riders as well as fitting bag in your Gladiator bag.

The Bag: The Gladiator wheeled backpack has been designed with an oversized rectangular shape allowing for the board to go back in the bag really easily, with a strong zip for the longevity of use and foiled internal inner for board UV protection when storing your board. The board bag also has a handy 3 way Velcro pocket design allowing quick and easy packing of your backpack straps when not in use, the Gladiator bag has also gone through an aesthetics makeover with all the packages being colour coordinated to each range.

The Pump: The Bravo SUPer pump is one of the best pumps available. The Super pump offers a fixed hose that is attached to the cylinder rather than a handle which stops the hose from moving around when inflating your board. 20% more efficient thanks to the piston and outside tube for the air outlet. Handles that remove and feet that are hinged to allow the pump to more easily packed away, either by rolling around the board or placing in the paddleboard bag.

3 Years Warranty: Gladiator is an innovative brand, building high-quality paddleboards, but without a high price tag, Using fusion double laminated and weave technology alongside triple rail edge construction means these boards are light & strong. With premium glueing technology that is 26 psi rated (even though 18/20 psi is perfect) the confidence in this high PSI means not only a very rigid board but also one that is very very strong.

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1 review for Gladiator Elite T 14′ x 30″ Paddleboard 2023

  1. dickyash67 (verified owner)

    Gladiator 14’ x 30inch Touring ISUP out of the box initial thoughts review.
    4 Stars on initial thoughts from the box.
    Item was delivered very quickly, within 2 days.
    On opening the boxing and first looks everything looked nice, sharp, bright, and good quality.
    Could not believe how light the oar is, having had a carbon shaft oar I was just expecting something a bit heavier, but this is def not a bad thing.
    The single fin is nice looking good quality honeycomb design, much better than I have had on previous boards. The only thing I would prefer is click fin box, personally don’t like messing with screws and square bolts (especially if fingers are cold) but again this is opinion.
    Impressed by the look of the pump as well, nice design and handles come off and feet fold to more compact design. Will see how it bears up to my current double chamber pump.
    The bag is another positive, good big size so looks enough room to put everything in, not just the board, lined with a silver foil (not sure if this is to keep it cool?) looks cool, nice colours (blue and orange) and quality stitching on it. Has wheels too which is always a benefit.
    Rolled out the board and wowed by its looks, cool white board with orange and blue deck pads which have a great design and layout, yes, the white will soon get grubby and dirty I’m sure, but it looks great. The handles look well made and incorporated well into the deck pads. Fin box looks solid, and the shape of the board is nice and sleek.
    Deflated the board feels a good weight which is what I wanted, not too heavy. When I took the board out of the bag, I did panic a bit at first , it felt very light and thin compared to my current boards and the PVC does not feel too thick. Have I bought a cheap board I thought? However, having read through the info many times before I purchased, it is sold on its light weight but rigid design so I guess the proof will be in the pumping when it is fully inflated.
    The bungee design and layout are a nice touch, again they look cool and really well attached to the board itself. It’s a long board and the front bungees are way forward so may not be easy to access kit and I’m guessing potential for pushing the nose down a bit if you have a lot of gear.
    The only other thing that I noticed straight away is the valve and valve cover do look cheap compared to other boards, just looks very basic in black (does not tell you the rec PSI or look as robust to me) I’m no expert on valves its just how it looks to me, again time will tell.
    This is a 2022 model board so there aren’t many reviews out there that I could find, I took a bit of a gamble here on a brand I did not know, but a board that ticked my boxes and at a good price range. So, I am just hoping that the board is as good on the water as the blurb says it will be.

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