ION Ballistic Boots 6/5 IS

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ION Ballistic Boots 6/5 IS: High-Performance Wetsuit Boots for Superior Warmth and Protection.

Explore the advanced world of water sports footwear with the ION Ballistic Boots 6/5 IS. These premium neoprene boots, featuring an internal split toe, are designed for those who seek exceptional warmth and unrivalled protection.

Key Features:

  • Premium Footwear for Maximum Protection: As part of ION’s premium line, the Ballistic Boots 6/5 offer outstanding support and stretch, ensuring an incredible level of feedback and feeling, even through layers of neoprene. Ideal for demanding water activities, these boots are a top choice for durability and comfort.
  • Ballistic Sole for Ultimate Safety: The unique Aramid ballistic sole provides exceptional protection against sharp reef, mussels, and other abrasive objects. This feature is essential for anyone needing reliable neoprene boots that can withstand challenging environments.
  • Plasma Plush 2.0 for Enhanced Warmth: The Plasma Plush 2.0 lining in these wetsuit boots offers excellent heat retention and stretch. Its high pile fabric traps air for snug warmth, while the moisture-wicking structure ensures a dry experience after every session.
  • Easy Wear with External Shoehorn: The inclusion of an external shoehorn makes getting in and out of these boots effortless, a convenient feature for those seeking practical and easy-to-use wetsuit footwear.
  • Sealing Print for Improved Connection: The sealing print enhances the boot-to-wetsuit connection, reducing water ingress and thereby increasing warmth. This feature is crucial for maintaining comfort in colder waters.
  • Ankle Strap for Secure Fit: The ankle strap provides additional security and support, ensuring these boots stay in place during all your water-based activities.

The ION Ballistic Boots 6/5 IS are more than just neoprene boots; they’re a fusion of innovative design, safety, and comfort, specifically tailored for water sports enthusiasts seeking the best in footwear technology.

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