ION Fuse Drysuit 4/3 BZ DL 2022


Storm_Whistle: Ever tried to call for help in a roaring storm? Difficult! That’s why we looked for the loudest safety whistle on the planet and found it: The Storm_Whistle®! This incredible whistle is twice as loud as any other mouth-blown whistle in the world and even the US military, special forces and the police is using it. And the best thing is: it even works in and under the water due to its patented harmonic chamber creating the extreme 3150 hertz frequency sound.

Re_Flective: Visual safety feature for FUSE drysuit: being out on the water in cold winter time can be seriously dangerous especially because it is getting dark much earlier. In case of an emergency you now can rely on additional reflective prints on the shoulder / hood area, which makes it a lot easier to be detected by SAR crew searchlights.

P_Zip: The ultimate answer to a full bladder in a drysuit when it’s freezing outside: This TIZIP
Master_Seal® zipper (same quality as on the back) provides the crucial feature for a long day on the water. The easy pull zipper tape can be stored away inside the opening above, so nobody will even notice it’s there.

Dry_Zip: Premium brand TIZIP Master_Seal® zipper prevents water from leaking in and makes the ENVEE drysuit highly waterproof for above-water sports like kiting, windsurfing, surfing, SUPing, etc. This VISLON quality tooth construction provides a smooth low-friction closing/opening and keeps out the water effectively. It is also much more flexible and needs less lubrication than other zipper types.

Latex_Cuffs: Only super flexible SEAMTITE® Latex_Cuffs by the premium brand SPECIALISEDLATEX are used for the FUSE drysuit on the wrists, ankles and neck to prevent water leaking into the drysuit.

GBS Seams: The seam technology is commonly used in thicker wetsuits (approx. 3–6 mm) and Neoprene that requires top water resistance.

Drain_Holes: Quick water release when needed in order to combat water accumulation inside the wetsuit. The Drain_Holes are secured in place from the inside and won’t expand.

Key_Loop: No need to panic! All ION wetsuits are equipped with a clever key pocket, inside of which is an elasticated attachment. Depending on the model of the suit, this feature can be found on the calf, arm or other area. *Please note. Only store water resistant keys in order to avoid any damage.

Supra_Tex: Highly abrasion resistant. Great strength against tearing. Primarily used on knee panels or buttock area.

Chest pocket: Chest pocket and internal mesh fabric for improved ventilation.

Diving Drysuit Seam Technology: All seams fully taped for 100% waterproofness.

Adjustable hood: Multiple adjustments on the hood allow you to stay warm even in the worst conditions.

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For water sports athletes with no fear of the cold—and we’re talking REALLY cold. The ION Fuse Drysuit 4/3 will keep you warm and safe even in the wildest, most hardcore conditions.

The ION Fuse Drysuit 4/3 features a Detachable Hood. The abrasion-resistant Supratex_Buttock ensures less wear and tear which will give the suit a longer lifespan. Each suit has to pass ION’s rigorous testing of the waterproof diving drysuit seams before leaving the factory.

Superior Warmth Fuse out the cold with the warmest wetsuit on the planet.
Dry Diving Drysuit Seam Technology and 100% waterproof tested.
Safety Bright, eye catching colours, Re-Flective prints and the loudest Storm_Whistle.
Comfort Slip in and out with ease thanks to its roomy fit.

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Dimensions 80 × 54 × 11 cm



48/S, 50/M, 52/L, 54/XL, 56/XXL, 58/XXXL

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