ION Thermo Top Womens


Easily connect your neoprene top with Slip Loop to your bottoms and keep everything in place.

A small Sunglasses Loop on the neck of wetsuits and tops to attach the safety line of ION sunglasses.

UPF rating 35 to 50+ (depending on jersey colour – Darker colour = higher rating).


ION Thermo Top Womens. Thermo tops bridge the gap brilliantly between the Neo Tops and Rashguards.

Made entirely out of Bi-Poly jersey, the Thermo tops are quick to dry, velvety soft, warm and fantastically robust on the external surface.

With multi-purpose functions, they can be used as a thicker substitute for a Rashguard on cooler days to protect you from the dreaded wind chill, skin chafing and harmful UV rays. In colder waters, Thermo tops can be worn under your wetsuit for additional warmth.

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34/XS, 36/S, 38/M, 40/L, 42/XL

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