Fanatic Carbon Team Edition Mast & Fuselage Set


SUPER LIGHT: About 300g lighter compared to standard Fanatic Carbon mast.

SLIM PROFILE: Slimmer, faster profile.

HIGH MODULUS LAYUP: High Modulus Carbon layup, grade and thickness computer modelled and analysed.

SUITABILITY: Recommended for lighter riders and front wings below 100cm span.

CROSSOVER: Crossover between advanced wing, prone and kite foiling – compatible with all Fanatic Carbon and Duotone SLS Fuselages.

DRAG REDUCED: Mast profile with 14% drag reduction compared to standard profiles.

SCREWS: M8 & M6 Torx screws plus tools.

FULLY INTERCHANGABLE: Wings and fuselages fully interchangeable between Aero Carve, Aero High Aspect, Aero Lift and the Flow wings with the new mount.

FUSELAGE: Fuselages with highly improved trim and playfulness.

LONGEVITY: Stainless steel inserts for longevity and maximum strength connections.

BASEPLATE: Track foil mount system base plate – fits almost for all wingboards.

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Fanatic Carbon Team Edition Mast & Fuselage Set

The Fanatic Carbon Team Edition Mast & Fuselage Set is at the top of their new Carbon range, they’ve designed a mast especially for those riders pushing the limits. The 82cm Fanatic X Duotone COLLAB Team Edition mast comes with a faster profile, reduced weight and extremely rigid High Modulus Carbon layup.

The Fanatic 82 Carbon Team Edition mast is based on the slimmer profile of the Duotone SLS Kite masts and was upgraded with a no-compromize High Modulus Carbon layup to bring it as close as possible to the direct and rigid feel the Fanatic masts are famous for. With higher speeds and minimal weight under your board this mast calls for getting inverted.

Fanatic are offering the Collab TE mast in a set with the 68cm Carbon Fuselage as the perfect combo for the advanced foiler using wings below 100cm span.

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Dimensions 122 × 45 × 17 cm



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