Nalu Stainless Steel Silver Bangle


This Stainless Steel Bangle has been designed to be worn with Nalu Glass and Silver Bead Collections. It comes complete with a set of stainless steel stopper beads to hold your beads in place.


Strong and durable, this stainless steel bangle is designed to work with all of Nalu’s glass bead collections and most of their silver pieces. One end of the bangle unscrews so that you can pop your beads on,. The bangle now comes with a set of stainless steel stoppers to hold your beads in place, the beads will however be contained on the bangle without the use of these. Engraved with ‘Nalu” and the swirl on one end.

These bangles come in two sizes which will fit most wrists. The approximate dimensions are:

SMALL – Opening width (between ends) 3cm | Width across bangle (widest part) 5.5cm | Circumference 14cm

MEDIUM – Opening Width (between ends) 3cm | Width across bangle (widest part) 6cm | Circumference 15cm

Unfortunately our Silver Coastline/County/Perfect Wave/Spiral beads don’t fit onto the bangles due to their curved shape. Please check the screw end of your bangle regularly to make sure it stays tightly screwed on.

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