Outdoor Master Shark 3 – Electric SUP Pump

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20PSI, 3 Boards, Type-C & 12 V DC

  • Up To 20 PSI
  • Pump Up To 3 SUPs In A Row
  • Real-time Monitoring & Auto Shut-off
  • Ultimate Charging: TypeC & 12 V DC
  • Doubled As A Power Bank
  • Active Cooling System

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Outdoor Master Shark 3

3-5 Minute Setup for a SUP

Say goodbye to long setup times! The Outdoor Master Shark 3, featuring a robust 7400mAh (74Wh) rechargeable battery and advanced dual-stage technology, inflates your SUP to 15 PSI in just 3-5 minutes, depending on board size. Pump up to 3 boards in under 14 minutes—three times faster than standard pumps. Experience rapid, heavy-duty outdoor inflation like never before.

Smarter, Safer, and Easier Operation

Avoid the risk of damaging or destabilising your inflatables with incorrect pressure settings. The Shark 3 enhances your inflation process with three smart modes (SUP/MAT/KITE) and a memory function, ensuring safe, quick, and effortless operation. Customize manual pressure adjustments and save your preferred settings for seamless inflation and deflation every time.

Stay Powered Up Anytime, Anywhere

Overcome outdoor power supply challenges effortlessly. The Shark 3 offers versatile power options: use its built-in battery or the 12V car connector. When the battery runs low, recharge conveniently on the go with the 12V car connector, a power station, or the Outdoor Master SUP pump power bank. Plus, the USB port doubles as a power bank, keeping you connected whenever and wherever you need.

Patented Active Cooling System

Outdoor Master’s patented active cooling system technology ensures continuous inflation for up to 30 minutes, even on the hottest beach days. This innovation prolongs your pump’s lifespan and guarantees dependable performance, durability, and reliability every time you use it.

Real-Time Pressure Monitoring

Stay in control with our digital display that provides real-time pressure monitoring. This feature ensures optimal performance and makes operation incredibly straightforward and user-friendly.

Versatile Compatibility

The Shark 3 comes equipped with a versatile set of 7 nozzles, making it compatible with SUP boards, air mattresses, kites, inflatable tents, beds, and more. Whether you’re camping, enjoying a beach vacation, or exploring the outdoors, the Shark 3 is your ideal travel companion.

What’s in the Box?

Everything you need is included:

  • Shark 3 Pump
  • Seven replacement air nozzles
  • DC car charger
  • Type-C cable
  • Inflation tube

Elevate your outdoor adventures with the Outdoor Master Shark 3 – the fastest, most reliable inflatable pump on the market. Don’t let setup slow you down; pump smarter, safer, and easier.



Additional information

Supported Pressure Range

0.5-20 PSI

Max Pumping Speed

350L/Min At 1st Stage
70L/Min At 2nd Stage

Net Weight


Power Cord Length

9ft (2.75m), 4.5ft (1.3m) Hose

Package Includes

1 X OutdoorMaster THE SHARK
1 X 4.5ft Hose
5 X Nozzles
3 X Gaskets
1 X Manual

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